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  • Gomez

    September 26, 2021 at 7:20 pm


    1. Welcome new members. When newcomers arrive, take a moment to say “hi” and welcome them aboard. Some of us – especially the shipmates from the 60’s and 70’s – may not be so computer/smartphone savvy and a little help for new members to “learn the ropes” will go a long way. Consider helping them build their forum profile as a good way to start and along the way you might just make a new friend.

    2. We encourage our members here to keep an eye open for new, relative and interesting topics but before starting a new topic, please check if there is already an existing topic open on the subject where your post would further contribute to the ongoing discussion there.

    3. Use descriptive titles for new posts. Doing so will improve the functionality of the search tool and will help avoid multiple threads on the same topic. You will also receive a better response to your posts by being more descriptive about the content.

    4. Post with photos/video. It is a proven fact that posts including images/video are much more likely to draw interest and participation and they are simple to upload here on CGN-9.com.

    5. Invite new members to join. Consider extending an invitation to former shipmates you may keep in direct contact with or via social media to join our community.


    1. Avoid politics. Everybody has well formed opinions these days in regards to the politics of our times and it is extremely unlikely that you would be able to change the opinions of another based on anything you might post here in that regard. Which leads us to our next rule…

    2. Stay on topic – the focus of this online community is the USS Long Beach, her history and our time spent aboard. If you feel you must post on something unrelated to the forum topic, please limit those posts to our Off-Topic forum.

    3. Please avoid posts/comments that include insults and/or attacks directed towards others. Respect other members of this community and don’t “flame”, belittle, make fun of or insult another member. If you disagree with a post or comment made, best to temper your comments and focus your response on creating a logical, fact based counter argument. When that doesn’t work, probably best to just agree to disagree.

    4. No advertising or links to advertising or “SPAM” is permitted.

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